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Winged Valkyries
Winged Valkyries

Winged Valkyries

The Valkyries are some of the most well-known and ferocious women from our Viking past. Sometimes called Walachuria, they were servants of Odin whose principal role was to select brave fallen warriors and take them to dwell in Valhalla.

                "They carried brightly shining weapons, especialy they liked spears, also the preferred weapon of Odin, and may have appeared drenched in blood. They would also make guttural battle cries as they flew over the battlefield, which struck both awe and terror into the hearts of mortal warriors...".

                    It is unclear how many Valkyries there were, but they seem to have been a limited and elite force. They were all named in relation to war and weapons, highlighting their intimate connection with war.

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